16 December 2010

Theholidaysstressme out. (and so does my apparently non-functioning space bar.) I've managed to get all of my cheapo shopping done, but I still have to mail Vee's gift, (which will be late, sorry Vee) I have to get stamps and mail out Christmas Cards, and I have to deal with the lack of a car, and the snow and ice..... ugh.. But My ♥ actually does have a new car now. She just can't drive it yet, hopefully we can get insurance on it by Tuesday, and we'll get to stop bumming rides. We had a ton of snow this week. It was crazy....
My ♥ still didn't get off work for candy making tomorrow, but I'm going to go and we're going to go on Saturday instead to make more with her Mamaw. We might even end up spending the night, since we don't have a car an all .

I've been neglecting Facebook for the past few days, because we got My Sims Kingdom and I've been playing the Wii 24/7 o.o Its pretty addicting. I even let my crops wither!

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