02 January 2011

So the holidays are over and I couldn't be happier about it. I ended up getting an iPod Touch for Christmas, I love it! :) I just finished reading book 4 in the FableHaven series. It was great.. I don't know if I can wait to get to the library again. I'm about to start reading the last book (I think) What will I do when I finish them? Mope, most likely. I got a bunch of money for Christmas too, So I ordered Glee Season 1!!!! And also Pokemon Heartgold and a game guide to go along with it... My ♥ is driving her new car now, I love it, she's learning to. I still haven't shipped out Vee's gift yet. I'm a horrible friend and a terrible Holiday goer (is that a word).

Its been raining a lot lately and I hate it. Its also freezing. So why not just go ahead and snow. I love the snow. It beautiful! Rain just makes mud. Anyway..... That's whats been going on. I'll try to blog more often, though I do keep promising that. I'm down to just blogging once a month. My goal is once a week.

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