07 December 2010

Everything seems to be going wrong lately. My ♥'s car is messed up, seriously. It needs a whole new motor, so I think her grandparents are actually looking into buying her different car. She's very upset about it. she loved that car. We're stuck having to bum rides until then, which sucks. I wish her family could just let her borrow a car, its not like they don't have extra. Also, my ♥ put in for the 17th off so we could make candy with her family, something we do every year, but they basically said no because they already have the schedule made out for that week. I say she should just call in that night anyway. Because its not really fair to make her miss something that's so important to her, just because they made the schedule out weeks in advance. Also, I have a headache from lack of caffeine, and guess what? We have no car to run out to the store for soda. I'd walk but you know.. its snowing outside.

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