03 December 2010

Why don't I blog anymore? Probably because I'm usually busy crafting. Our wands are a hit and people keep requesting them. I've learned to loom knit as well and I'm working on scarves at the moment. Verda is actually the one who taught me to use a loom. She came down for thanksgiving and stayed with us for 5 days. It was kinda great having her around, I miss her since she moved away to Cleveland :( Margret is getting a divorce o.o yep. not by any choice of her own mind you. So I've been hearing all about how's she's going to take everything and he won't have anything left blah blah blah... o.o *grumble* I'd really like to be left out of peoples problems, I have problems of my own to attend to actually. I'm stressing out lately (more than usual) Because this month will be one year since my sisters accident and I seem to get more tore up the closer to the 13th I get. I don't have money for the holidays and doesn't even matter because my family has decided that they don't really care about Christmas anymore anyway, my parents seem to have lost all interest in anything without my sister around, I know its hard on them, though, its hard on me too. I've been job hunting, but you know its really hard to find a job when no one will hire you without experience. How are you suppose to get experience though if no one will hire you with it? It started snowing on the 1st of Dec. and they say we're going to get a couple of inches this weekend. I don't mind. I like the snow.

Anyways, I'll try to blog more often, it really seems to help me keep my thoughts in order.

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