18 August 2010

We'll call her Margaret. She annoys me. A lot. Nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, or an exaggeration. My Mamaw had to go to the doctor, he told her she's anemic. According to Margaret, her kidneys are failing. I'm going to answer the phone one day and she's going to tell me that my Mamaw or Papaw have died, I just know it. Or else, she'll post it on Facebook, and I'll find out that way. Bad news is always worse coming from Margaret. I'm a pessimist, I know. My worst fear is losing people I love. I've already lost my little sister, and a few years before that an uncle. I hate it and right now my Mamaw hasn't been well, so I'm freaked out. Especially after "arguing" (Could you even call it that?) with her and papaw.

Margaret stresses me out. It seems like its always something. She's always talking about someone being sick or dieing... If all my life consisted of was people around me getting sick and dieing, I don't think I could handle it, which is why I try to avoid it. People die, it happens, but you've got to look on the bright side. Sure, Mamaw is sick right now, but she'll get better. God won't take her until its her time to go. There's not a real point in worrying about it. Pray for the sick. Pray for God to touch them and be with them. He knows what they need. But don't post it on Facebook. Its sort of like the "pray in your closet" theory. Pray. Don't boast about it. Its a private thing between you and God. Share God with others. But pray in private. Pray for the sick, but let them have their privacy. If I were sick and in the hospital, I would NOT want a lot of people to know, because I wouldn't feel up to having the company. I think its okay to post and ask for prayer for a sick family member, but as for the details, that's none of anyone's business.

By the way, we watch Vampires Suck today and it was hilarious. Way better than Twilight ^_^ You should definitely all go see it. I also bought a new book. Marked. It's part of the House of Night series, which I plan on reading next. I checked The Reckoning out from the library today like I said I was going to do, and I'm already half way finished with it. I really need to make a virtual bookshelf sort of thing for my side bar, that way you guys can know what I'm reading.

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