18 August 2010

Okay, so.. after my papaw changed our breaker, mamaw told him I was mad about it, and so he came and changed it back again. Isn't that ridiculous? I wasn't even that mad. I was just annoyed that they didn't tell me what they were doing. It would have saved so much trouble if they would have just told me what they were going to do. I would have stayed home to help him find the breaker box. Instead, I talked him through finding it over the phone. I'm just aggravated. I was so upset last night that I just cried. I didn't mean to hurt papaws feelings. Thats the last thing I wanted to do. Mamaw just made everything so dramatic, she must have been bored. >.>

Ugh, back to the rest of my life.... I've been reading. I read The Summoning, and The Awakening, by Kelley Armstrong. And tomorrow I plan on checking out The Reckoning. Also, Vampires Suck comes to theaters tomorrow and I'm going to try to find some money and go see it.

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