20 August 2010

Today has been a bad day. I fought with my ♥ before she left for work. The cats have been getting into the garbage all morning, finally knocking the garbage can over and spilling nasty grossness onto the kitchen floor. And now our AC is out again. It's hot and I'm aggravated.

But I did get that bookshelf I was talking about. Which is why I moved my blog around a bit. My shelf is in my (now only) sidebar. Its all of the books I've read and I'm still adding more. So, when I talk about a book, you should be able to find it on my shelf, along with a summary and reviews and things. Also, under that, you'll find another shelf of the books i want to read, but haven't yet.

I finished reading The Reckoning. Now I'm reading Marked (House of Night) I'm only on chapter 3, and so far the main character is a bit.. annoying.. Maye she'll get better. Hopefullly.

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  1. She didn't get any better, did she? *Grin* So long as you like it, though, I'm happy for you!