16 August 2010

I'm so mad right now and I'm definitely ready to move. I wish we could afford to move closer to EKU now instead of having to wait until next summer/fall. I came to my cousins house today while my ♥ went to work (She got her job as a cook back, working with my mom again) Anyways.... I'm here and my Mamaw calls because Papaw wants to know where our breaker box is. He is planning on changing out breakers and fixing our AC. (My ♥ doesn't want him to, because our trailor is wired very awkwardly, its old, and he could easily catch the whole place on fire if he starts messing with the wires. We don't have any insurance on it either.) There is no telling what else he's going to try to fix while he's in there. Not to mention the fact that he went into our house while we weren't home without our consent. I know he means well, and I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I'm still mad. Its an invasion of privacy. I'm seriously so mad I could cry, and my cousin isn't helping at all. She's still on the phone with my Mamaw and they're making me feel like crap for being mad about it. But don't I have a right to be?? Wouldn't you be? I was fine with the air conditioner kicking off, I could handle it. But it would have been different if one of us was home. Thats my main concern. Doing it without our permission and not telling us about it. Especially something that could potentially put us in danger if its not done correctly. I just don't even know what to do. I feel like I wanna go crawl in a hole and be alone somewhere. Seriously, am I over reacting? Mamaw is probably going to blow it out of proportion, because thats just what she does. She said she'd tell Papaw never to come up there again, if that's what I wanted. I swear I wish people would just listen and understand but they all think they know better than me. I'm just a kid, I don't anything.

PS. I followed up on my application today. They said that they just hired 45 people, so they wouldn't do their next interviews for another 6 to 8 weeks, according to the receptionist. And then its not even for sure that I'll get an interview then. Why do I try? Today is just a discouraging day.

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