08 August 2010

This whole going to college thing stresses me out. I've looking at the ACT website, and I know that I need to register and take that next month. (yikes! I thought I was through with tests >.>) After that we need to actually apply to EKU (if we like our scores.) By "we" I mean, my ♥ and I. We're doing it together. We need to sign up for our financial aid and things after that. Which is the part that really stresses me. We can not afford college. Can't do. We don't even have jobs at the current moment. So, we'll need a lot f help. And then will we need to work while we're in college? We plan on getting an apartment near campus. Will we have enough Aid to take care of rent and bills as well as school. Students loans take forever to pay back, but we need them too I guess. I'm just so freaked out about it all. I'm excited to be moving forward in life, and doing something to better myself. I think I've decided that I want to study Photography and Graphic Design, clearly majoring in Art. I'm excited at the prospect of getting out of this town that I've lived in for 22 years. I'm not going far, just an hour away, but still, the change of scenery will be nice. We have to pay a fee to take the ACT and then a fee to apply at the college. But at the present time.. we have no money. I'm going to follow up on my application again tomorrow at truitt Brothers. Hopefully they'll get the hint and give me a job soon. We're also going to go to the unemployment office and see if my ♥ is eligible to draw that since she got fired.... ugh and the food stamp office too. Did I mention that we have no money?? But at least we're trying to help ourselves and go to college and get proper jobs and finally get financially stable in life. Maybe after do that I can stop being so stressed out all the time.

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