02 July 2010

Last night was our last night of classes at VBS. The youth class (grades 9-12) didn't come to music class all week long. Its really sad that the future of our church is in the hands of a bunch of teenagers who just don't care. When I first started going to this church the youth was awesome. Always participating and doing things together, always excited about Bible school, but now they just don't care. Without God they'd have nothing, I just wish they'd realize that. I rely a lot on my faith these days. It's really the only thing that helps me keep going without Carmen. I know that I'll get to see her again someday, as long as I put all of my faith into God. I just hope the youth realize that too before its too late. Just going to church isn't going to get you into Heaven. You have to live for God. Most people probably think I'm being ridiculous because I'm a lesbian and I still think I'm going to Heaven. But I know that Jesus died for me, I know that God's not going to send me to Hell because I love a girl. It doesn't work like that. God loves everyone. Not just straight people. The world would be a better place if only more people could realize that. Its not up to humans to judge one another. We just need to live life as good people and put our faith in our creator.

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