03 July 2010

Its the 4th of July weekend! My ♥ and I got some movies from the RedBox and spent the evening home together ^_^ We watched Julie and Julia and it made me wonder if anyone reads my blog. If you do read this, leave me a comment or something. Its nice to know I'm not writing for no one. [Actually, I just made a guestbook. So.. sign it? Let me know you were here? You should find it on the side there ---> hopefully it works, It did when I tested it anyway.] So, tonight we also watched Legion. It was good - not a very good ending though.... And we also watched Fame. Which was actually a let down. I'd been so excited about it, but it just didn't compare to how I though it would be.

Matthew Lush uploaded a new YouTube video today. He was opening his birthday cards that he got through the mail. That makes me nervous, because I sent him one too [yes, I'm a fan girl ^_^]  Anyways, if he continues opening them on YouTube that means, I'll get to see him open mine, and that makes me nervous!!! What if he doesn't like it? I can't imagine that he wouldn't but still.. goodness.. I can't stand the wait lol ^_^ I'm a huge fan of his!! I loves him. I think he's a wonderful person and more people should be more like him. I'd love to be like him someday. Famous, kind, wonderful, cute and entertaining. I want people to know my name, and I want people to love me. I'm shy though, so I can't really see that happening. Oh, and if I didn't mention it before, my awesome, amazing, wonderful ♥ ordered me a Hope Hoodie!!! I'm so excited! She really is the best ♥ in the entire world!! And in case you don't know, I love her!

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