18 June 2010

So, yesterday was my birthday and I'm now 22 ^_^ My ♥ and I went to the movies and watched Get Him to The Greek. Which was pretty hilarious. But today is the day that I leave for a week. We're driving all night and should be in Michigan by the morning. I have to leave my ♥ though and I miss her already =[. I've not been away from her for this long before, so.. it'll be something new. Mom's picking me up when she gets off work tonight and then we'll be on our way. I wish my sister were here to go with us. It'll be weird riding all the way to Michigan without her. Its still weird going to moms house and going in her room and she's not there. If you want to get technical, she is there, she's in a little wooden box sitting on her bookshelf. But its just not the same. I'd love more than anything to just be able to hug her again. And I hope she knows how much I miss her.


Yesterday was also the 1 year anniversary of Farmville, and we all know how much I like Farmville ^_^ I have some more screenshots for you! To celebrate you could plant cupcakes!

They harvest in 8 hrs and you can earn a mastery sign for them! I must have it!! They are available until 7/1.

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