16 June 2010

I really need to get back on track with my blogging. I don't do it nearly enough. But I suppose it will have to wait at least another week or two before I really get started again, because starting Saturday morning I probably won't have computer access for.. maybe a week? *groans* What will I do??? I'm going to be heading to Michigan with my parents to visit family. I have to leave my ♥ behind though, cause she has to work =[ Speaking of work though, She has a new job!!! A great one too actually. She's working at the factory down the road from our house. She has weekends of and she gets paid a ton more. Plus its less than a 5 minute drive and she gets a full 40+ hours a week. So its pretty awesome I'd say.

Tomorrow is my birthday and my ♥'s off work specially for it. We're gonna sleep in together and then its dinner and a movie. So I'm excited. Plus something I'm really excited about... She's going to order me this awesome Matthew Lush rainbow hope hoodie!!! ^_^ I'm SOO  excited! I wanted it as soon as I saw it. And since she's actually making more money now, we can actually afford it too.

Its been storming a lot lately and we all know terrified I am of storms... I guess God is just forcing me to face my fears? I don't think its going to change how I feel about storms though, having to sit through, alone, day after day....

Uhm, I'm trying to think of what else is new......

I cut off all of my hair and its now, purple and blonde. I like it a lot. We also have new kittens! We adopted this kitten that someone dropped off at my cousins house and we named her Mars. the very next day we were about to head out to the lake for a while and I found 3 kittens, about 2 weeks old, in the back seat of my ♥ car. She's left the window down overnight and I guess Jude had been waiting for that opportunity to bring in her babies. So, now we've got a house full of cats again. I can't wait until their old enough to find homes. I'm ready to put the momma back out side! Mercury and Mars are enough in the house for me thanks. Heck, Mercury would be enough for me ^_^ But seriously, I think we've just about found them all maybe homes, so hopefully that will work out for us.  I think Mercury feels invaded and needs her space again.

But I've rambled on long enough for today!

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