25 November 2009


Wow. I just read the most ridiculous thing ever. So, Miley Cyrus quit Twitter. big deal, right? Twitter is ridiculous anyway - who cares what complete strangers do all day. And if someone doesn't want to post they're every move for stalker-ish type people to read, then they don't have to. But one girl didn't see it that way. She started a website called Save Fuzzy. She said that she was going to kill, and then eat her own cat, Fuzzy. [Apparently eating cats is not uncommon in her country and apparently animals have no rights there either] She said the only way she would spare the cats life is if Miley came back to Twitter. "I became addicted to Miley Cyrus' Tweeting. Catching up with her daily chores and what she has in mind have become part of my daily routine." This, followed by the active threat, seems a bit stalker-ish to me, but maybe thats just me... I think this girl needs to be locked away. Miley heard about it and simply said "It's not my cat. What am I suppose to do about it? I'm not going back to Twitter" I would have said the same thing honestly. So, like Miley promised, she didn't go back to Twitter. The girl, took Fuzzy to the vet. When asked why she wanted a perfectly healthy cat put to sleep, She lied and told the vet she was moving away and couldn't take the cat, nor would anyone else take her. [Which leads me to believe that animal rights might have more of an importance in her country than she's leading us to believe] So, after some persuading, the vet made an appointment to put the cat to sleep. A few days ago, Fuzzy was put to sleep, and the vet asked if she wanted them to keep the body and bury it themselves, the girl, not telling the vet the truth once again, said no, she'd rather take Fuzzy home to be buried. [Again, her lying leads me to believe that maybe eating cats isn't such a common thing, if she was afraid to tell the vet about it] She claimed on her site that she suspected the vet would use Fuzzy for "educational surgeries with his training assistants" But in my personal opinion, eating the cat, her own pet, who is now dead because of her, isn't any better. She took the cat home, took pictures of it to display on her site, and then prepped her kitchen and cooked her meal. She claims that she was upset by what she had to do, but it was only a small sacrifice to get Miley back on Twitter. Well, Miley didn't falter and I'm glad that she didn't, because this girl is crazy, and if she gave in that easily, then there is no telling what else this girl would have "forced" Miley to do in the future.

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