27 November 2009

Fuzzy is Replaced.

Okay, the freak who killed her cat to get Miley back on Twitter [which didn't work by the way] Now has a dog to replace the cat she killed.
"Anyone who lost a pet knows how hard it can be. Losing your pet in tragic circumstances makes the emotional stress even more intense.
 Today I couldn't take it anymore, so I went to an animal shelter and adopted a dog. It's a good dog with calm demeanor and sad eyes, but looks pretty healthy and nourished, which is important! I decided on the name "Chunky"."
I can't even find the words to express the hatred I have for this one single person. They do not need another animal. I really feel very sorry for this dog "Chunky" because it will probably only survive until the girl feels like being dramatic again. And they should feel bad about losing their cat, because it was their own choice to have it killed. *fumes* Its ridiculous.

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