05 August 2010

This week has been so stressful. I'm glad its almost over. My ♥ is taking me tomorrow to follow up on my application at Truitt Brothers. Even though, they fired her, I still need a job, now more than ever actually. We have bills due and we can't live without jobs. We did decide though that we're going to go back to school. College, I mean. It will involve taking the ACT and moving an hour or so away, also getting rid of our animals (2 dogs 5 cats) I'm excited at the thought of going to school, making something of myself, and doing something with my life, but I'm nervous about it too. What if I fail? I failed at high school. I ended up dropping out and getting my GED. I need to be motivated and I think I am. Having to get rid of the animals will be hard though. If we were just going to live on campus, I could probably find someone to help us take care of them. But I think we're just going to move instead. I'd like to live there. I'd love to live in an apartment, its gotta be better than here. That would mean finding a new job too. Both of us. So much to think about.. I can't even take the ACT until September, so we can't start until next fall. We actually need to save up some money to move on and find new jobs and get everything moved and then there's the actual getting enrolled and going to class part *shudders* I'm stressed out but excited too, and nervous.. ugh o.o

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