02 August 2010

I would like to know what we did to deserve such a.. crappy life. My ♥'s mom keeps telling us that she's going to kick us out if we don't mow the yard, but she was the one who complained when we were paying someone to do it. We stopped paying them, the yard stopped getting mowed and now she's still mad because we're not mowing it. Its completely ridiculous that we should have to push mow our yard, which would take us 2 days when we can pay someone to mow it with a rider and it would only take them 2 hours. And today, my ♥ woke up for work this morning but her car wouldn't start. The battery was dead and she was on her 3rd offense, so... she lost her job. Her family have been nagging her all day about it, and it's not her fault, she didn't tell her car not to start. On top of that, its 90+ degrees here and we're under a heat advisory. Our AC keeps throwing the breaker, so.. we can't turn it on. So, I'm sitting here and I'm probably going to die of a heat stroke before the days over. I'm not sure what we did to deserve all this crap, but its really not fair. =[

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