07 July 2010

So, I posted a YouTube video yesterday. The first thing my ♥ did when I told her was tease me. I know she didn't mean anything by it, but it just made me feel really stupid. So I'd like to point out that I'm not making videos because I want to be like Matthew Lush, or Chris Crocker, but because it might give me something to do. And because if people actually watch my videos, it might give me a little more confidence. I have very low self-esteem. I hate the way I look and sound, for the most part. I don't really like myself much. I was never popular in school. I've never had very many close friends. So, part of me longs to be popular, doesn't everyone want that? Basically I just want to know that people like me...That sounds awful to me, but its true. So, I'll probably keep posting videos, not everyday, maybe not every week, but I'll keep posting them, for the same reason I blog I guess. If you watch them, awesome! If you like them, thats even better! If you read my blog, awesome! If you read regularly, even better!! [just don't forget to sign my guestbook!]

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