07 July 2010

Okay, so today I put my application in at my ♥'s work. I need a job, and it'd be better if I could work with her, since I don't drive. I'm skeptical about getting a job, but I know that I need one, it'd help us out a lot, and it'd get me out of the house more often, and I'd actually be doing something. I didn't graduate high school. I didn't get my drivers license. The least I can do to make someone proud of me is get a job. I don't want to be a nobody for the rest of my life. So, I put my application in today. But my ♥ called me on her lunch break today and she was complaining about how much she hates it. Thats really encouraging to me right? Because I totally want to work at a place I'm going to hate. I lover her, I do, but I just wish she weren't so discouraging lately. She doesn't want me to work, she said it stresses her out. But we'll be better off with both of us working, and I don't mind doing it, its just that I'm nervous about it. I don't usually interact with people, I'm shy. I prefer to sit at home and hide behind my computer. Guess I can't do that forever though... ugh. I'm ready for a nap! 

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