25 July 2010

Okay so, when I was little I was blonde. Then as I got older, my hair just started to change to this brown color. And my Mamaw wanted me to bleach it back blonde, because she liked it that way, and she kept insisting on it, so... I bleached it, which is okay because I put some purple in it too and had to bleach it anyway, but now I'm really just sick of it. =[ I want it to go away.. back to brown and leave the color in it obviously. ^_^ My roots are starting to show like really bad, and so my dear Mamaw asks me every time she sees me if I've died my roots yet. I keep saying no, no yet, but the truth is I keep putting it off and putting it off because I don't think I'm going to dye them... Maybe I'll get it back to brown again, at least while its short, And man is it short.. I wish it'd hurry up and grow.. ugh, I hate it.

PS. I'm not this whiny in person, but I blog to get my aggravation out so .. that why you get to hear all of my complaints ^_^

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