31 October 2009


Well, my happy halloween mood is slowly fading. We were going to town this morning, and when we walked outside we discovered one of our cats, Pru, in the cat house, she had an old Rabbit trap stuck on her foot. It had a chain attached to it and a string that it was tied to the ground with, [which she had chewed through to get loose.] Her poor foot is crushed. Its really flat and she's obviously limping on it. She wasn't crying or anything though, and she let us get the trap off of her, so I think she'll be okay. We're keeping the trap though, the last thing we need is for its owner [we have suspisions of who that might be] to get it back and set it back out.  We have a lot of cats, and I love them every one. It makes me soo unbelieveably mad to think that someone would do that to a poor animal. Coinsidentally, a few of our cats have gone missing in the past weeks, and I can only hope that they weren't victims of such a cruel trap as well.

PS - these traps are illegal too!

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