17 January 2011

Went to bed very late last night, actually around six a.m. this morning. Woke up at noon. Now I'm just having some "me" time while everyone sleeps. I have to wake them up soon though, and I'm sure it won't be easy. Its kinda of ugly outside today. I really wish it would snow some more. Snow just seems to make everything shine, as opposed to rain, which makes mud, and we all know what mud looks like.

My ♥'s little sister spent the night last night. (which is one reason we were up so late) She requires entertainment to be satisfied. Don't most kids? *Random thought: I really need to get a new screen protector for my ipod. It has a scratch on it! O.O Tough love? Maybe?* Anyway, I painted her nails for her and did her make up, so we could take pictures. I love taking pictures, and she happens to love having her picture taken. So... she prances around the house at 5 this morning in purple fairy wings and "geek glasses" posing and smiling. It was entertaining. But I was glad when she finally asked to go to sleep. :) Which is where she is still. My ♥ as well, I actually need to go wake them up. We have things to do today, the joys of being an adult.....

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