05 January 2011

okay, so I play on and so does my ♥ and my ♥'s little sister. She recently changed her user name and now she needs a new profile to match, sooo... I made her a profile, my ♥ is going to code it. She also needs a profile song, she wants it to sort of match too.. Her user name is FreeFall. So, I'm looking for songs about Falling... its harder than you'd think to find one. Here is what I've found so far:

Free Fallin' - Tom Petty (I ♥, she doesn't)
Fallin upside Down - Rascal Flatts
Fall to Peices - Avril Lavigne
Falling in Love at a coffee shop - Landon Pigg
Falling In - Lifehouse
Falling - Mike Posner

I don't even know if she'll like any of those. o.o I wish I could just find the perfect song.

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