29 September 2010

I haven't blogged in.. 2 weeks? Sorry about that. I've been busy working on my Halloween costume (still) I do have a few pieces of it finished though ^_^ Below are my Radish Earrings and (butter beer) Cork necklace. (the image gets a lot bigger if you click on it)

We looked and looked and finally found a cork (at Wal-mart) My ♥ drew the lettering on for me and I made the beaded part. I also made the earrings from seed beads and wire. I've found a wig to use and I also found a robe, I just have to order them offline.


Also, I think this is ridiculous. [link] A bakery refused to make rainbow cupcakes for a school group. Personally, I hope that (bad) decision effects their business.

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