28 July 2010

So, something that really bothers me is when people post things about other people online without their consent. See, I have this relative who thinks that every time someone gets a cold in our family she needs to post it as her status and blow it out of proportion and get everyone in the county to pray for this sick, dieing person. When in reality, this person if just fine and perfectly capable of letting the world know, themselves, when they've blown their nose (if they even want the world to know? I mean, that's not personally something I'd disclose to the world.) My point being that if it doesn't involve you, don't give details online. Let people have some privacy, especially people who don't do social networking and aren't there to correct you when you turn their common flu into the plague.

PS You know you wanna CLICK IT (it'll make you smile, or be grossed out, could go either way really)

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