02 May 2010

So, I'm at my cousin's house today and we were getting in the car when her neighbor came outside and starting walking around her yard with a bluetooth headset in her ear. She's got at least 5 kids running around, hungry, dirty, without shoes on. (I'm not guessing  about the hungry, they sometimes go to church down the road, when they can sneak onto the church bus without their mommy or daddy stopping them and they are always starving)  Anyways, they also have literally 10+ dogs running around in their yard, and they live in a falling apart, run down trailer. They have a spare trailer in back that they don't do anything with, but suspicious smells come from it.... Its actually in better shape than the one they live in. I've seen those kids out mowing the yard before while the parents just sit on there ass and watch. its ridiculous. Those people need to have their kids taking away. Kids deserve better than that.

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